Security & Backup

Security Plan

The protection of our client’s data is our first priority. IMS uses ISO 27002 security standards to provide data protection. The ISO security plan also encompasses security procedures for all other aspects of operations and production including the protection of IMS corporate data, computing network, its plants and personnel.


Client Data Transfer

Client data is typically transferred to IMS via SSFTP. Clients may also chose to encrypt their data prior to its transmission. When IMS receives a data file, emails are automatically sent to alert IMS processing personnel that a file has arrived. The file is moved behind the firewall for processing. If a client requests, IMS can also install a VPN connection between the client and itself to provide a higher level of security.

Back up of Network, Computer Systems & Data

All data transmitted to IMS for printing is stored temporarily on a server located behind the firewall until it is no longer need at which time it is deleted. The data is also backed up on a RAID device on the intranet. Files, data and print processing applications are also be backed to a server at our backup facility over an Ethernet Private Line.

Physical Plant Security

All employees must use a security access card to enter the building and production floor. All visitors must sign in and out, wear a visitor’s badge and be monitored by an IMS employee while they are on premises. The plant has loading docks and their doors can only be opened from inside the plant. Visitors may not enter the building through dock doors or any other exterior door until they have obtained a visitor’s badge and signed in.

The plant’s is continuously monitored by high resolution security cameras that store the prior 30 day’s video from each camera. These cameras are also used to monitor important mail processing equipment and its operators.

Backup Printing and Mailing Facility

IMS maintains a backup printing and mailing facility in San Antonio, Texas. It can be used if the production rate is significantly reduced or stopped at our primary production facility. This facility also maintains paper stock used for paper for printing, carrier and business reply envelopes.
Human Resource Security

All employees undergo background checks as part of their employment. Applicants that have a record of criminal activity, including by not limited to theft, gambling, drug violations, crimes of moral turpitude or felonies of any nature are not accepted for employment. New employees are subject to drug testing.

Cyber Threat Monitoring

IMS has on location a cyber threat monitoring system that is provided by Digital Defense, Inc. The system performs scans for both internal and external cyber threats.

Cyber Security Liability Insurance

IMS maintains a $1,000,000 policy for any liability that could be incurred as a result of a breach of IMS’s cyber security protection system.

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