Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment

IMS offers Electronic Bill and Statement Presentment services commonly referred to as Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP). Images of the printed bills or statements are hosted on-line for access by your customers and members who can view and reprint their bills or statements. Features of the service include:

  • Images stored and hosted on-line on a secure Web hosting site
  • Images processed at the same time the statements are printed and mailed and posted on-line thereafter.
  • Access to the images granted to your members
  • Access and security controlled by your members managing their User Names and Passwords
  • Verification of an account’s status in real time
  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduction in interest expense
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

Electronic Bill Payment is commonly referred to as EBPP. Bills may be paid electronically using Automated Clearing House services (ACH), with all major credit cards and via phone payments.

The features of the Electronic Bill Payment system include:

  • Presentment of bills, invoices or statements on-line
  • Receive payments with immediate electronic deposit
  • Recognize insufficient funds checks quickly and present them as NSF checks.
  • View and verify in real-time customer account’s status
  • Generate useful management reports
  • Reduce bad debt & NSF checks
  • Reduce interest expense
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction

Electronic Financial Services

IMS offers Electronic Financial Services, EFS, a suite of services allowing origination of ACH (electronic checks), Check 21 and credit card transactions. The software services terminals may be installed unlimited times in unlimited departments. EBPP services must be installed. EFS services include:

  • Virtual Terminal

A service that enables your employees to take ACH and credit card payments by phone through a simple-to-use Web interface.

  • Check 21 Desktop Deposit

Allows you to take checks on-site, scan them through a Virtual Terminal, receive credit for the check and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.

  • ARC and RCKPlus-are forms of ACH that allow you to electronically scan checks and receive credit for them with no need to return the check to the payor.
  • EDI
  • Ss electronic data interchange, a service used primarily in retail and food distribution.
    Virtual Terminal

    This service enables your employees to take ACH and credit card payments through a simple-to-use Web interface. The service is designed for use on a single terminal. Your employees can take payments and key in customer payment details by phone on the system. Back office employees can enter payment information to charge your customers for payments they wish to make by phone. The system can be setup to create one-time or recurring payments. The service allows you to use the software module on one computer which will serve as your processing terminal. It is not necessary for EBPP to be installed since it is a stand-alone module. The transaction fees are the same as for EBPP.

    Interactive Voice Response

    Interactive Voice Response, (IVR), is a system which automatically manages incoming calls for payments. IVR links the phones callers, either voice or touchtone, with a computer database. The system can accept questions, access your company’s database and provide the caller with the information they see to perform bill payment. IVR can also take information from the caller, convert it to electronic data and input that data into your database. This service is, of course, customized for your unique needs and to your data system.