Direct and Bulk Mail FAQs

Can I do automated, direct or bulk mailing myself?

Yes. But if you consider the value of your time and that you will have to learn and automate a new process in your business and acquire hardware and software, why would you? We usually get your mail into the post office within two days and give you professional, high quality service.

How does automation save me money?

Standard “A” mail was once called 3rd Class Mail, junk or bulk mail. It was slower than 1st class mail that is time sensitive. But with the advent of automation by the USPS, Standard “A” mail is almost untouched by hand either at IMS or by the USPS. It now gets through the postal system much more quickly than before. Standard “A” automated rates are about $145 per thousand less than 1st Class postage.

Can presorting really save me money?

Presorting your first class mail will save you about $0.06 per piece. Add up all the mail you do throughout the year, and the savings are substantial.

How do you get mail to qualify as “automated”?

There are a number of ways. Some of the more basic ways are:
  • Your mailing list must be CASS Certified. This requires a software package that must be approved by the USPS.
  • Bar coding a clear zone in the address block
  • Letter size self-mailers must be folded at the bottom and one tab must be applied to the opening at the tops. Bottom opening mailers must have two tabs which increases costs.
  • Addresses must be readable and conform to abbreviation standards

If IMS mails for me, how is postage handled?

IMS requires that the postage for a job be paid before it is mailed. We have to pay the postage before the USPS accepts your mail and postage is a non-profit cost for us. We can invoice you in advance for postage, and depending on your mailing patterns and your accounting department’s turnaround of our postage invoices, you may be billed for 30 to 45 days of postage in advance. If you have a permit, it will be printed on your pieces. It is then your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient postage on deposit with the USPS before a mailing.

How many pieces of mail do I need? Do I need a permit?

Bulk mail requires at least 200 pieces to be mailed at the same time to receive postal discounts. You will be able to use our permit number saving you the cost of permit fees. If you are a non-profit organization you can register with the post office and still use our permit. First class presort requires a minimum of 500 pieces and special qualifications to receive postal discounts.

If we invoice weekly, can you help us?

We can mail on any schedule you require- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

How do I get more information and pricing?

Call IMS at 800-255-3190.