PLANET Bar Coding

A new USPS service is used to track both inbound and outbound letter mail. The PLANET bar codes are required by the USPS to use their CONFIRM service and complement the existing POSTNET barcodes. CONFIRM provides confirmation that customers received the mail. This allows you to synchronize your telemarketing programs with direct mail campaigns or augment other advertising media with their mailings. To use the CONFIRM service, we print the PLANET codes in the form of a 12-digit barcode on the front of the envelope in the wide area barcode read zone. PLANET can be used on both 1st Class and Standard A mail pieces and will generally have two barcodes on each piece.

Qualifying for Postal discounts requires that very specific USPS guidelines be followed.Some of the primary requirements include how the mail is bagged and trayed and the size and thickness of the pieces.

Important requirements that determine whether your mail can qualify for Standard A rates include:

  • The mail must be presorted
  • All pieces must be in the same category (all letters, all flats, etc.)
  • Each mailing must contain at least 200 addressed pieces or addressed pieces weighing at least 50 pounds
  • Each piece must have the correct ZIP Code
  • All pieces must qualify as Standard Mail (no time sensitive material qualifies- no checks, bills, statements)
  • A permit or license to pay postage with pre-canceled stamps, permit imprints or meters must be obtained
  • An annual bulk mailing fee must be paid
  • The mail must be sent from the post office where the permit was obtained and the bulk fee was paid

The postage charged by the USPS is determined by

  1. The size & weight of the piece
  2. the saturation/concentration of your mailing to Zip Codes

The more pieces you have going to similar Zip Codes, the less expensive your mailing is going to be. That is why a mailing of 5,000 pieces, all going to say Zip Code 78163, is going to cost much less per piece for postage than the same size mailing going to hundreds or thousands of different Zip Codes across the USA.

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