Document Hosting FAQs

What are some of the benefits of hosting on OnLineFileCenterSM?

The primary advantages of using IMS as your ASP are:
  • Little or no capital investment in hardware and software
  • IMS accepts the risk of technological obsolescence
  • High server security
  • Fast implementation of complex applications
  • Redundant data backup
  • Customization of the web-based retrieval software
  • File integrity

How do you access archived statements and invoices?

With a Web browser.

What web site do I visit for OnLineFileCenterSM?

In what image format are the print images stored?

It depends on your data output as to the best format available, but they are generally PDFs, which are 30-40 KBs each, or they can be HTM images that are about 5KBs each.

How do you charge for the storage of images?

It depends on the image sizes. Pricing is volume sensitive.

How much does each concurrent viewing license cost for our users?

Nothing. The image hosting fee includes storage on an IMS server, image creation and posting to OnLineFileCenter and viewing licenses.

What happens if we want to store the images in-house at some point in the future?

All of your data is in a non-proprietary format. IMS sells software that can access the data should you wish to purchase it and host the data at your facility. Also, since it is in a non-proprietary format, most common electronic management software should read our non-proprietary data output. IMS also archives your data on optical discs that can be read by a PC.