Hosting Electronic Images

IMS is an Application Service Provider (ASP) providing a contract service to store, host, and manage access to electronic document images for our facilities. Electronic images are hosted on OnLineFileCenterSM, our Web based document image and data hosting system.

IMS stores millions of images on secure servers for clients who want them managed economically, professional and securely. IMS is also familiar with and compliant with all HIPAA regulations which are applicable to printing, mailing, and the hosting of patient records and information.

Items hosted may be created as a result of IMS printing or imaging your documents or may come from your own information system. Our commercial image hosting services are very competitive since we don’t use third party viewing software that usually requires the purchase of expensive viewing licenses. We use our own hosting software and pass the saving along to you.

All you need to access and view the images is your Web Browser. The images and data are kept in non-proprietary TIFF, PDF and XML formats should you ever want to export the data to another hosting system. To control access and protect the confidentiality of your information, our hosting site requires you to maintain the User Names and Passwords for those with viewing rights.

Typical documents hosted are statements, invoices, late notices, accounting records, human relations files, medical records, oil and gas well logs and files, delivery tickets, statements, invoices, letters, and most other common business records. For customer service applications, printed invoices can be linked with scanned delivery tickets. For banking applications, printed statements can be linked with scanned checks and drafts. If you want safety and security, consider using our document hosting service.

Why use IMS to host our electronic images and data?

Using an ASP requires a leap of faith since your documents are often being handled and processed by a company that may be out of your area. The ASP may also be a company with which you may not be familiar.

As a service bureau, IMS has a history of providing fast, cost-effective document processing, storage, and commercial image hosting. IMS currently hosts millions of both scanned and print images. References are available upon request.

Send us a sample of your paper documents or print file data. For no charge, we will process them and show you how you can access them with your Web browser from our secure server.

The primary advantages of using IMS as your ASP are:

  • Little or no capital investment in hardware and software
  • IMS accepts the risk of technological obsolescence
  • High server security
  • Fast implementation for complex applications
  • Redundant data backup
  • Customization of the web-based retrieval software
  • File Integrity

Please feel free to call us at 800-255-3190 for an on-line demonstration. Document hosting service from IMS ensures the images and data you need for company use stay safe.