Optical & Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) is the process of converting an electronic image into computer text that can be edited using any common word processor or spreadsheet application. Electronic images, or pictures, are made when document scanners and electronic fax files create an image file. These images do not have editable text characters but are a compilation of tiny dots that are combined to form a picture. During the OCR process, images of text are converted to an editable document. The text can then be used by software such as word processors, spreadsheets and page layouts. If the fonts on the original image were common fonts, we can usually provide the text file in the original font format. Our OCR service not only provides text, but if the original document has graphics or logs, we can also save them as images within the text document.

Intelligent Character Recognition, ICR, is similar to OCR in that software is used to convert an image from handwriting into computer text. But whereas OCR is used to convert typewritten text, ICR is used to convert handwriting into computer text. ICR works best on restrained handwriting and other type applications like mark sense blocks. IMS uses both OCR & ICR when performing Electronics Forms Processing