Document Imaging Services FAQs

What are the benefits of scanning?

  • Documents can be retrieved in moments, not minutes or hours
  • Fast retrieval in seconds
  • Available 24 hrs. a day from anywhere using a Web Browser
  • Free up your file storage space
  • Images can be shared across a network or the Internet
  • File security using User Name, Passwords and encryption
  • Archive security
  • Save just about any document format in addition to scanned images

What are the economic advantages of scanning?

  • Reduced cost of storing documents
  • Faster retrieval of documents
  • Retrieval of documents with a Web Browser
  • No more lost, misplaced or out-of-file documents
  • Retrieval of document images to multiple workstations simultaneously
  • Share documents
  • Convert paper to information
  • Export and fax images in a nonproprietary format

What would IMS charge to scan & index my documents?

IMS charges by the number of pages scanned and any advanced services requested. Many factors influence the cost per page. Some of the primary considerations are:
  • Type, number, size, and condition of the documents
  • Document preparation required
  • Number of indexes requested
  • Final disposition of the documents
  • Post processing services required- OCR/ICR, PDF, exportation to another format, etc.
We have scanned virtually every kind of business, school, governmental and institutional document type but will need to see a sample of your documents. If you send IMS a representative sample of the documents, we will promptly give you a price to complete your job. At no charge, IMS will scan the documents, put the scanned images along with viewing software on a CD-ROM and send it to you with your sample documents. We will then call you to discuss your options and give you a price per document.

Please call 800-255-3190 for complete details.

How do we get our documents to IMS?

The number and type of documents will dictate the best way. We generally receive them via all of the common carriers and parcel services. Some types of documents are best faxed to us using the new generation of high-speed fax machines. We convert the fax images to the image format that works best for you. It may be best to call 800-255-3190 to discuss your options.
Document Transportation & Management Questions
  • How many documents would be shipped, how many documents are there per box, and how often will the documents be sent to IMS?
  • Are they to be scanned on one or both sides?
  • What electronic image format do you want?
  • What key search words or fields will be used to search and find each document?
  • Are the documents stamped as “Scanned” after they are scanned?
  • Do the documents need to be refilled in their original boxes or folders?
  • After scanning, what is done with the documents? Or they sent back to you, stored at IMS as paper or electronic images or shredded?