Document Imaging Services

IMS provides complete electronic Document Imaging Services to convert paper, microfilm, microfiche, and engineering drawings to electronic images after your documents are scanned and indexed so they can be searched and retrieved. The images are returned to you on the media of your choice. This includes CDs, DVDs, or via FTP uploads back to your image viewing software. Your images are always kept in a nonproprietary format that can be viewed with all common image viewing software.

After your documents are converted to electronic images, IMS provides reputable document imaging services that we can use to help make your information more useful. Some of the advanced commercial scanning services we offer include:

  • Electronic Forms Processing
  • OCR & ICR
  • Oil & Gas Well Logs
  • PDF & DVD Publishing
  • Backfile Conversions

Electronic Forms Processing

IMS provides complete Electronic Forms Processing services. If you have documents from which you manually extract data, IMS can electronically extract the same data from your forms using state of the art OCR/ICR forms processing software. Your data is returned to you on the media of your choice in the format of your choice- text, Excel, ASCII, DBF, etc. The extracted data can then be used in databases or text documents. We can design forms for you that make it easy to extract the data, or we can read the data from your current forms.

Our Electronic Forms Processing software can automatically extract information like names, addresses, dates, SSNs, times, bar codes, currency amounts, mark sense blocks, numbers and product codes. After the software extracts the data, our index operators verify its correctness.

The OCR/ICR software is used to capture virtually any information from documents such as medical files, contribution forms, information surveys, and questionnaires. Our Electronic Forms Processing services can completely eliminate your in-house overhead for forms processing.


Optical & Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) is the process of converting an electronic image into computer text that can be edited using any common word processor or spreadsheet application. Electronic images, or pictures, are made when document scanners and electronic fax files create an image file. These images do not have editable text characters but are a compilation of tiny dots that are combined to form a picture. During the OCR process, images of text are converted to an editable document. The text can then be used by software such as word processors, spreadsheets and page layouts. If the fonts on the original image were common fonts, we can usually provide the text file in the original font format. Our OCR service not only provides text, but if the original document has graphics or logs, we can also save them as images within the text document.

Intelligent Character Recognition, ICR, is similar to OCR in that software is used to convert an image from handwriting into computer text. But whereas OCR is used to convert typewritten text, ICR is used to convert handwriting into computer text. ICR works best on restrained handwriting and other type applications like mark sense blocks. IMS uses both OCR & ICR when performing Electronics Forms Processing.

Oil & Gas Well Logs

IMS provides full oil well and gas well log scanning. Please contact us at 800-255-3190 for more information. Pricing is contingent on the number of logs scanned.

PDF & DVD Publishing

IMS provides complete Portable Document Format (PDF) conversion services including Hidden Text and CD-ROM & DVD Publishing. Call IMS with your CD-ROM Publishing and PDF requirements. If you provide us a sample, we will be glad to put it into the format you request for your review.

Backfile Conversions

If you already have an imaging system or anticipate purchasing one and have a large volume of documents, you may want to have IMS provide the resources to scan and index the “backfile” of documents you have filed and stored. If you send IMS a representative sample of the documents, we will promptly give you a price to complete your job. Custom indexing, large volumes, and electronic data entry are our specialties.

Contact IMS today for beneficial commercial scanning services. Give us a call at 800-255-3190, and our staff will be ready to assist you. No matter the industry you work in, we can help you save and export the data you need.