About Us

IMS is a full service mail solutions provider specializing in printing and mailing transactional bills, statements, invoices, notices, letters, checks and mail pieces containing variable print data. IMS’s clients include utilities, healthcare providers, governmental entities, manufacturers, insurance companies and collection agencies.

IMS’s high speed presorting equipment and mail certification and presorting services provide the lowest postage rates offered by the USPS and the fastest delivery times.

All of our clients’ mail is processed daily through a USPS Detached Mail Unit staffed by USPS personnel and located in our production facilities. This allows us to offer the highest level of mailing and presorting services available and to expedite mail delivery.

IMS offers other related printing services including Standard, Bulk and Direct Mail, Mail Presorting, and lettershop services, offset and color printing. Our print shop also supplies postcards, forms, envelopes, marketing pieces, newsletters and custom color and black and white inserts. In addition to First Class mail, IMS programmers and design personnel are available to assist you with reformatting your bills, statements, forms or with data layout.

Document imaging services are also available to scan paper documents and convert them to electronic images that can be stored, viewed and shared. Scanned document images and images created from printing and mailing can be stored on our in-house hosting site, OnLineFileCenterSM. This system hosts millions of both scanned and print images on-line securely and cost effectively.

IMS has been located in San Antonio, TX since 1995. Our customers are located throughout the Southern and Southwestern United States and include customers throughout the United States.

Our goal is to always provide our clients prompt printing and mailing services at reasonable prices.

If you are in need of a company that you can rely on to handle your printing and mailing needs, please give us a call today at 800-255-3190 or email sales@totalims.com.